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Ku Norasriza Ku Ahmad

Generally, overweight or obesity is a huge problem that often disturb emotionally and from the inside regardless gender and even children nowadays been exposed to weight problem. A lot of factors contributing to obesity such as unhealthy eating behaviors like consuming too much calories and oily food or drinking too much carbonated drinks. People tend to get obesity due to lack of physical activity, unhealthy environment and lifestyles and also family genetic. Being overweight and obese can caused dangerous diseases and may also increase the risk of getting diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, breathing problem, arthritis and also cancer. It is not easy to lose weight and it takes a lot of commitment to reduce weight. There are so many ways to lose weight whether through natural diet or rapid slimming treatment. Natural way of losing weight consists of physical activity, practicing diets and stress reduction. Alternatively, people can lose weight via slimming treatment such as weight loss surgery and also consuming slimming pills. By choosing rapid slimming treatment for losing weight will cost a lot of money. The cost of weight loss surgery that includes all procedures and the cost of maintenance after the surgery will cause a lot of money and very expensive.

The effectiveness of both methods depends on human body reaction. Sometimes practicing diets maybe very effective to one person whereby he or she can lose weight so easy but it may not be effective to other person. Many researchers do their studies on the side effect of rapid slimming via slimming treatment or natural way to keep the ideal weight. All the findings about the side effect of slimming treatment that can cause harm to human body due to slimming pills may contains drug that can harm and damage human kidney. Even sometimes the effect cannot be seen in a short term period, the side effects of consuming a lot of chemical drugs will come at the old stage.

According to statistic, obesity in Malaysia is increasing so drastically day by day. The World Health Organization (WHO) survey in 2010 ranked Malaysia as sixth in Asia with the highest adult obesity rate. Unhealthy life style especially on eating behaviors is the main reason of the increasing obesity rate in Malaysia. ‘Nasi Lemak’ and ‘ Teh Tarik’ are the favorites menu for Malaysian breakfast and they don’t realize that menu contribute a lot of calories to the body. But most of the Malaysian also eats this kind of food during supper and late night. There are several method of losing weight via slimming treatment or by natural way and the effectiveness of the method is depends on the body reaction.

Slimming products whereby seller advertise it online by providing testimonial from other users become famous in the market and it influences many people to use the product without knowing the side effect of the product that may bring harm to their body. Sometimes the product is not suitable for certain people and people must be aware about the ingredient or contents of the product. The awareness about the best way to lost weight must be spread among Malaysian to prevent the weight loss problem.

Losing Weight

Weight can be specified by the total energy that we consume in food and the total of energy we spend for the daily activities. Energy is measure in calories. People will gains weight if the total calories they take daily is not equal to the total calories they use. If people intends to cut down their weight, they have to do more physical activities and consume less calories based on their lifestyle.

The lifestyle and working habits specify how much of calories human need per day. A person involved in severe physical reactivity would naturally burn more calories per day than people who sit at the table all day.

For those who have work that requires heavy physical activities may increase the total calories burn. The average estimation for a woman in age range around 31-50 years, who have active lifestyle requires about more that thousand calories each day to keep the normal body weight. A man of the same age also requires approximately about more than 2 thousand calories gaining weight balanced. Taking part in moderate physical activity (exercise 3-5 days a week) requires about 200 extra calories per day.

How to Lose Weight in A Natural Way

Many people do not know an effective way to lose weight. People nowadays see which way is more easily and quickly without thinking about side effects that will be encountered from taking substances pills that are harmful to bodies. They are more concerned with the drastic result and sudden weight loss in order to look slimmer and in a short time. But they do not think about the effects and consequences of taking it can cause serious health problems such as kidney failure, heart disease and other diseases that are very dangerous. Actually there are so many ways to lose weight in a safe manner.

There are two effective methods to lose weight which are by doing regular exercise and practice healthy eating. Apart from physical training, there are also natural remedies and recipes that will help people to achieve their ultimate goal. If people combine this method together with their healthy eating and exercises, they can speed up the weight loss process.

The Most Effective Way to Lose Weight

Actually there are a lot of effective ways to lose weight. First thing we should have a positive attitude on how to control our daily food management. The best way to lose weight also can burn up calories by do a lot of exercise rather than eat unknown pills for rapid slimming. We also can control our intake of food calories. Both methods are very important to make sure the diet plan is successful.

According to KateTorgovnick ,2007 researchers from Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research said most of the people who record their meals and snacks calories, every time they eat can reduce their weight faster. Meaning that to lost weight people must observe their calories intake and choose correct meal in daily basis. This method is good to someone who started to lost weight in the correct way.

Bonnie Taub,2014 when people who wants to lose weight write down the calories for every meal that they eat everyday either in diary and in the phone, it will helps to lose weight in a good way, because individual can control the meal calories by themselves.

There is also a diet call Atkins where the dieters cannot take carbohydrate at all and this type of diet plan is actually helps to lose weight rapidly. By cutting down the carbohydrate intake forces the body to burn existing fat, which then leads to the production of ketones. Ketones are breakdown products of fat burning that are known to suppress hunger." Stephanie Castillo (2014).

Other best effective way to lost weight is to eat less rice and consume more vegetables and do exercise. Once people choose to implement healthy lifestyle by going to gym or do exercises they must control their food intakes as well and to ensure that they did not eat oily food and sugar. Consuming healthy food such as fruits and vegetables may reduce the chance of getting chronic disease and cancer. Fruits and vegetables also consist of vitamins and minerals which is good for health.

There are tips from Dawn Jackson Blatner,2013 he advice, the effective way to lost weight is to drink plenty of plain water and secondly people must reduce the snacking time which is mean they will eat when they are boring and had nothing to do. People who wants to lose weight also must eat according to time and do not skip meal just because wants to get skinny faster. All that mentioned earlier are good tips to lost weight in natural way without need to consume any other supplement to speed up the slimming process.

Consumer Behavior that related to the topic of weight problem :

Motivation is the driving force within individuals that impels them to action. This driving force is produced by a state of tension, which exists as the result of an unfulfilled need. Individuals strive both consciously and subconsciously to reduce this tension trough selecting goals and subsequent behavior that they anticipate will fulfill their needs and thus relieve them of the tension they feel. Whether gratification is actually achieved depends on the course of action pursued. The specific goals that consumers wish to achieve and the courses of action they take to attain these goals are selected on the basis of their personality characteristic, perceptions, previous learning and experiences and attitudes.

Every individual has needs: Some are innate , others are required. Innate needs are physiological; they include the needs for food, water, air, clothing, shelter and sex. Because they are needed to sustain biological life, the biogenic needs are considered primary needs or motives. Acquired needs are needs that we learn in response to our culture or environment. These may include needs for self-esteem, prestige, affection, power and learning. Because acquired needs are generally psychological, they are considered secondary needs or motives. Motives or needs can have a positive or negative direction.

Goals are the sought-after results of motivated behavior. Individuals get goals on the basis of their personal values, and they select means (or behaviors) that they believe will help them achieve their desire goals


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