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We’re the generation that popularized social media and network, social media and network is one of important thing for all people nowadays. Everyone has at least one of social media and network. There’s a lot of social media and network such as Facebook, twitter, instagram and many more. Social media and network has a lot of advantage, we gain a lot of knowledge and information from social media and network, furthermore it is one of big platform in our daily life. Without social media and network we could lost a lot of information and updates in our surrounding. Some more social media and network not only connected us to our local area but it also connects us to the world without consume us a lot of money and time and this is the advantage for us to get the information up to dates. Moreover, without social media and network we looked like so outdated compare to others, this is because nowadays almost all of people have at least one social media they sign up
     Generation Y also knew as the Millennial demographic who born from the early 1980s to the early 2000s. While generation Z is the people born after the Millennial Generation, born at the mid or late 1990s or from the mid-2000s to the present day. How these two different generation use social media in their daily life? There are many differences the usage of social media between generation Y and generation Z, both generation has their own way to use all the existing social media either  in  the good way or bad way.
     There’s a reason why Generation Y are dubbed ‘digital natives’ and their use of social media is definitely a major part of that reason. More often than not, generation Y use their smartphone to access social media, in fact 90% use their smartphone to check their social media accounts before they even wake from bed in the morning. This is because social media for generation Y is the platform for them to communicate with their friends and family, they mostly will share about celebrities and talk about dating or relationship, music and sports with their friends. Generation Y are more likely to be nostalgic on social media, they religiously post photos, talk about childhood TV shows and movies they grew up watching, and often reminisce about old fashion trends. For twitter usage, generation Y tweet an average of 8x a day.
     Different with Generation Z, more than any other generation, today’s youth are extensively connected to and shaped by their friends. Because of the internet now can connected 24/7, the network can influences generation Z to the technology based. This technology, while helping to facilitate their relational world can also negatively impact it with negative vibes it’s because generation Z sometimes like to share everything about their self without thinking either their status can effected to their life or not. Sometimes we noticed this generation Z being a keyboard warrior by fighting in the social media and there have the issue that a third of student having bullied via social networking website such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and ect. This can bring to the bad impact to the new generation.
     In conclusion we need to manage our usage of this social media for our future generation. Yes this social media and networking have a very good impact but at the same time it’s also give us the negative one.

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