Monday, 15 June 2015


Consumer Behavior is how the individuals, groups, or organizations and the process that they select, use and dispose of the products, services, experiences, or ideas to satisfy their needs and the impact of that to the consumer and society.
Based on consumer buying behavior, the element from psychology, sociology, social anthropology, marketing and economic attempts the buyer, individual and group to understand the decision making process and this also can affect the emotion of buying behavior.

Online shopping is a process in which to buy goods or services through the Internet. With large of consumer using Internet for online shopping, it is not clear what drives them to shop online and the studies regarding consumer behavior towards online shopping in the Malaysian environment is still limited number. So we need to know what the factors that influences of the consumer buying behavior through online shopping.

As we know nowadays, online stores grow up so fast through social media such as, face book, instagram, blog, website and other social media. The seller can sell or promote their product or services that they need to offer to consumer via online. For example when consumer need to buy groceries by online, now they have Tesco online shopping that need consumer just view the website and make a choice and payment via online and they will make a delivery to consumer house. It also same when consumer make a online shopping at Zalora, Lazada, and other same online store, it’s more convenience and easy to consumer.

There have a few factors that can influence consumer to shopping at online store:
  • ·         Convenience: Could be easier than shopping from your own home or on the go with a smart phone or tablet at anytime and anywhere that you want.
  • ·         Communication: Easy communicate with other consumers, sellers and company representatives to easily gather information about a purchase.
  • ·         Choice: Consumers can search through multiple stores from all over the globe instantly. Consumers can also easily research a company or product capabilities and popularity.
  • ·         Cost: Consumers feel empowered when they can shop around at such a fast speed, they can make more informed purchasing decisions especially when it comes to prices. Seller need to make sure they are offering prices comparable to their competitors, because customers will figure it out and not purchase from them.
  • ·         Customization: Another positive aspect of the Internet is the ability for the customer to purchase a product exactly how they want it; and the company avoids paying inventory storage costs and overhead for a retail location since the products are made and then shipped directly to the customer.
  • ·         Control: Customers seem to have more control over quantity, size, style, color, price and the type of vendor that they purchase from when using the Internet.
  • ·         Time: Customer can save time when they just need to spend their time to shopping online. They no need go to the shop and can reach the traffic and waste their time on the road.

In conclusion, consumers in Malaysia believe, with online shopping, shopping time may reduce and online shopping would make their life easier. They are also concerned about privacy, trust and disclosing personal information when dealing with online shopping.


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