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Fairus Akmar b Abdul Latif: 4 Psychological Tactics for Marketers

Name : Fairus Akmar b Abdul Latif
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A process where ones, groups or organization act towards recognising their needs, selecting ways to solve these needs, making purchase decision, interpret information, to  make plans and implement the plan to select a product, services, experience, or idea and these processes are called as consumer behaviour. These processes are strongly influenced by these factors; cultural, social, personal and psychological.
In order to influence a consumer’s purchasing decision, a smart marketer will use psychology strategies and make consumer to spend their money. It’s really helpful to understand how people operate. Psychological tactics which will engage consumer compel them to buy includes expertise, opportunity, emotion, and results.

Most people will naturally obey authority figures. Become an expert in the business will create authority. If the marketer is not an expert in its field, consumers have no strong reasons to choose the product or service that is offered. Besides to strengthen the marketing campaign, the expert status will make the marketer offer is more worth buying than the competitors.  As an example, we prefer to spend more money just to see a doctor who expert in certain field such as skin, heart, etc. It is because we belief and have faith with the specialist doctors. We are likely to trust expert opinions and suggestion, simply because we believe the person is credible.

There are 5 characteristics that an expert should have:
1-      An expert should have a good quality of product.
2-      An expert should be a practitioners in the industry (walk the talk)
3-      An expert should solve people’s problems.
4-      An expert should add value to the lives of others.
5-      An expert should always make research to find out customer’s needs. 

Where there is a problem there is a chance. As a marketer, our job is to give and spread any opportunities available. Whatever that we do, we need to convey the message that we have the opportunity to change and improve one’s life or to solve their problem. In advertising copy, benefits generally outsell features. Demonstrating how that the product will improve consumer’s life tends to have more influence rather than explaining how it works.

As a marketer, we have to understand the emotions of consumer and we should keep them liked us. In psychology liking means that if an individual feel positively towards the shop A, they will be much more likely to interact or buy from the shop A. Liking is crucial to developing a company brand. However, being “likeable” does not mean being “nice” but make people feel positively affiliated with the brand.

In other psychology studies, most of the times the customers decide to buy are based on emotion, only a small percentage of the purchase based on logic. The marketers have to absorb the emotional element to ensure an effective marketing campaign. If we do some observation, all the marketers are using emotion to flick the heart of the customers. The best example shows by the negative company such as “Skim Cepat Kaya”. They emotionally touch the people desperate who looking for an alternative way to borrow money.

In addition, smile is one of the emotional marketing tactics that can melt the hearts of customers. As a marketer, if we understand and dominate the emotion of consumers, each and every marketing campaign will give the maximum impact.

In psychology study shows that an individual tends to buy something when they see others using it, especially when the product give positive results to the users.

In a case where an individual are looking for a lose weight product, then he/she come across to a success story shared by others who using product XYZ, what do we as client feel for the product? Normally we will tend to find out more information on the product and buy it.

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