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Title : Consumer Behavior Towards Online Shopping Electronics
Name: Dayang Nur Haslina Bt. Awang Kamil
Matrix No: SX120589HAFS04


Internet makes life simple and innovative. People are doing business online and trade has become more easy and fast due to this. Internet provides new ways to promote business. Website becomes the essence of online as to show their services and products. Internet gathers all competitors and consumers in one place. It brings new lane to promote, advertise and services in market. Online shopping behavior depends on four factors as shopping motives, personality variables, internet knowledge, experience and shopping incentives. Online seekers are the main sources of online shopping. Online shoppers always want to seek information within few clicks and reach to the most relevant information according to their requirements such as competitive brands, best price offers, product specification and consumer word-of-mouth.

Decision makers on consumer mind set in online shopping

Online shopping decision-making includes information seeking, comparison of alternatives, and choice making. The results bearing on this factor directly influence consumer’s purchasing behavior. In addition, there appears to be an impact on user’s satisfaction. Potential consumers appear to use a two-stage process in reaching purchase decisions. Initially, consumers typically screen a large set of products in order to identify a subset of promising alternatives that appears to meet their needs. They then evaluate the subset in greater depth, performing relative comparisons across products based on some desirable attributes and make a purchase decision.
Consumer behavior of every individual is different from other depending on buying choices which is influenced by buying habits and choices that are turn tampered by psychological and social drivers that affect purchase decision process. Decision making is difficult to define and is a system a short cut and rule of thumb which unpredictable. The short cuts in decision making vary from person to person and focusing on the past experience of consumers we can predict the future trends by bringing profitable products and services into the market.

Consumer motivate and consumer perceptions factors

The shopping motivation is abound with measures of individual characteristics, how consumers think, feel and select from alternative like products, brands and how the consumers are influenced by their environment, the reference groups, family and salespersons and so on.
A consumer’s buying behavior is influenced by cultural, social, personal and psychological factors. Most of these factors are uncontrollable and beyond the hands of marketers but they have to be considered while trying to understand the complex behavior of the consumers.
Consumer lifestyle plays a main role in process of online purchasing on electronics goods. Consumer lifestyle should have compatibility which have effect with positive attitudes towards technology, have ability to accept multiple kinds of new technologies, online skills, knowledge and remain online experience. 

There are so many factors involve that have influence on online consumer behavior while he would do online shopping, in simple word, it is a complex mixtures of so many factors such as social, culture, education,  race, personality, environment and resources availability. It involve many variables some are controllable and some are uncontrollable such as environment and consumer personality are uncontrollable variable which always prevail in every online transaction but some are in our span of control such as medium of exchange, medium of goods information, products or services characteristics, merchant or inventory characteristics. There are other factors as well like building trust factor, confidence, appealing website, proper and full information about goods and services by this purchasing decision would be more encouraged.

Utilitarian motivations - Utilitarian factors are broad assessments of functional benefits and sacrifices. Utilitarian motivations for Internet shopping may include purchase intent at the given online shopping session and financial incentives related to saving money via online price promotions.

Hedonic motivations - Hedonic shopping motivations are defined by the shopper's judgment of the experience-based benefits and sacrifices, as consumers may shop for the experience over completing a task.

Consumer perception factors :
-          Perceived fit
-          Quality
-          Packaging


Consumer behavior in the light of rapidly envolving lifestyles, value, priorities and social contexts. The buying process of consumer behaviour is of more importance to marketing practitioners than the consumptions process. From the practitioners perspective consumer to understand changing consumer needs,wants and motivations and devise the most appropriate mix in market on online shopping.


 Assistant Professor, Department of Management Studies, Mohamed Sathak Engineering College,Kilakarai, Ramanathapuram - 623 806.
Associate Professor, Director DODE, Anna University Coimbatore, Coimbatore - 641 047

(IOSR Journal of Business and Management (IOSR-JBM)

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