Tuesday, 16 June 2015

AHMAD YAZID AHMAD SALIM Children's Influence on Family Decision Making

In a family, each decision is not dependent on parents only. The influence of children is also important in making a decision. Every age group of children, they have their own tastes and opinions. Therefore, parents must accept their views with an open mind so that lasting happiness and comfort life. The influences of children on the process of family purchase decision depend on level of family size, income and lifestyle. The children have a significant influence in the purchase product for which they are the primary consumer such as food, cereal, drink, toys, clothing and school stationery.
Children age and gender
Age of children is an important element in the context of making a buying decision of parents. The older children play a bigger role than small ones. This is because the ability of older people to make a better assessment of a product in terms of ideas, feedback and servitude, while children who are younger are more likely to buy a product by simply asking without making any assessment in advance after seeing a particular product.
Not much difference in the effect of child gender on their parents buying decisions. Boys and girls are almost equally likely in products such as foodstuffs, sweets and stationery except toys and clothes.
Buying roles
Each family has different purchasing decision according to the way of life and their ability to spend. Products to buy depending on their needs and wants in order to create a happy family and comfortable living. This means that children have a powerful role in family decision making and they initiate the potential purchases.
Children with different ages will make parental decision-making process variable. Child itself does not necessarily have the expertise in influencing the purchasing decision of parents but it has significant effects in all decisions made. Parents need to have planning and evaluation before making a buying decision. Children influence becomes larger if the product to be purchased is to meet their needs and the factors involve around their friends.
Product type and product involvement
 Children have less influence in decision-making parents buy the goods that do not have associated with them such as television, smartphones and cars. For the high involvement product, a parent will make buying decisions without influence from children. The children will respond positively to the goods purchased. Depending on the product category, parent’s perception of children influence varies greatly.
Children are less involve in decision making parent regarding about the brand and model. It because of may be that children lack of experience necessary to make decision. Children tend to suggest to buy the product an d much influence with regards to product they like such as cereal, soft drink and candy  rather than product that family use such as vitamin pills, shampoo and toothpaste
Children have a strong influence on family decision making process in connection with product that relevant to them like cereal, drink and toys. Children influence also varies depending on the product category and situation. The gender of the children does not contribute significantly to parent perception of decision making process.

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