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Consumers in Malaysia are generally very concerned about halal and haram, especially in the food. Particularly among Muslim consumers are very sensitive when it began halal issue in playing at the moment. They assume that some users of other religions try to make provocation against the halal issue and begin to influence and corrupt the minds of other people especially the children and teenager.
However, the extent of the level of knowledge and awareness of the individual has to distinguish that they are not directly concerned with this subject halal status.
Halal products can be divided into:
        I.            Food
Ø  Restaurants, daily food, snacks
      II.            Clothing
Ø  Leather shoes, leather jackets, leather bags
    III.            Other things
Ø  Sofa, brush, soap

Factors in selecting a halal product

The level of concern for the halal logo

Especially issues related to food for most consumers in Malaysia. Consumer will distinguish very carefully about halal and haram often will do a detailed study of the food will be sampled food restaurant they want to go, the products they want to buy in the supermarket and food which they use daily. The first thing they see must be halal logo. These users will often refer to the contents and mix in the food. If no material doubt in the content, users will continue to select the item to be used permanently.

Lifestyle / Friends

Most consumer use and choose halal products for religious reasons is not such as to get a reward, but is on the grounds of simple interest and benefit and ending up with today's life style.
For example, if their friends are often invited to meet or discuss something in a restaurant, they sometimes forgot to inquire whether the restaurant is halal and does not serve the doubt ingredients. They gave full trust to their friends that the restaurant is halal, especially when the restaurant served a delicious cuisine and they like it. Although sometimes their own friends are not Muslims and do not care about this halal.


Selected for halal products is believed to be more secure. This means that consumers choose halal products based on the physical benefits of safer use compared with non-halal products. For example, when the user wants to try a new food and want something different, they only look to whose are there in the restaurant. If the consumers in the restaurant are mostly Muslim, they believe that it is halal restaurant without to making a questionnaire.
Among these consumer are often more open-minded in determining their choice of food as long as it is delicious and many other Muslim consumers who eat at the restaurant. It is making worse, these consumer will often to promote and viral it to their friends, especially through social media like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, blog and so on.


All the people must take their part on this halal issue, especially the government. Law enforcement needs to be more firms to prevent and stop the increase of products from outside mostly their halal status is doubtful. No need to think their own profit but the religion issues they put aside.
It does will ensure the welfare of consumers in Malaysia, especially for Muslim about halal and haram because this thing is important for us, especially when it related to food issues. Consumer should be discerning and selective in making a decision regarding this matter and do some research. If there any question, we should ask to the responsibility department like JAKIM.



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