Friday, 5 June 2015

Azmeer Izwan Bin Mazlan (sx130387hafs04) : Music and Consumer Behavior

Music in Consumer Behavior

Music is a form of symphony and rhymes that we create from the instruments by using guitar, drums, bass, piano and many more. In this era of modernization, music can become important to our daily life, some they devote their life to music as if without music they can’t live. What is consumer behavior? Consumer behavior refers to a process of consumer going through in making decision to purchase or used the goods or services.

The meaning of this topic it shows that how music can influence people to purchased goods and is there any related between music and consumer behavior. Some research has been made that one of the factor that influence people to buy the product is because of the brand and the presentation of the product itself, yes that’s true but that part is more on sociology, but in psychology part how they can get influenced.

There is a research has been done by the marketers, and they said that there is 3 things that influence people to buy the product, and that is tempo, volume and genre. The reason why tempo of the song can influence people to buy is because music can set a mood to the customer. That is why nowadays almost every store has music on. Not every song can simply play actually; each type of song has different tempo, and if each tempo has their own impact to customer. For example, slow tempo can led to customer more time spent in the store and it also can increase in gross product sales. This effect can be explained by the PAD model; fast music beat lead to moving at a faster pace through the store, but slow music prevents the high level of arousal and slow down the pace at which shoppers move and this can lead to increase in item purchased, so remember if we open a store make sure turn on a slow pace music it can lead to more sales to us.

The volume of the song can be affect to consumer, because loud volume of song can influence consumer to less spent time in store and this can lead to sales loss. But some are saying that it depends on people because each person has its own criteria, some prefer loud music but some prefer slow. Gender also can become factor of loud or low volume of song; usually men much prefer low romantic song.

Last, the genre of music can be one of the effects of influenced consumer. If we noticed that usually store will play song that more into slow genre or love song. It much more compatible rather than played a rock song or metal song. But sometimes it also can be played classic song. The song also can be played according to any event such as a Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Christmas Eve, Chinese New Year or Deepavali.

The conclusion of this article is it shows that music not only can affect people life or satisfaction but it also can create emotions whenever we do, such as while eating, shopping or thinking. Music can be important to the business, but it’s depending on what kind of business we are into. If the business more on industrial it is not suitable, but is the business on to food or fashion and that will be fine.




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