Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Nur Salamiah Mohd Hanib : The ‘Devil’ Is In The Details

Title               : The ‘Devil’ Is In The Details
Name            : Nur Salamiah Mohd Hanib
Matrix No   : SX130400HAFS04


Are You Paying Attention To The Little Things?

“The devil always in the details”

When people say that the devil in the detail, they mean that small things in plans and idea that are often overlooked can cause serious problems later and it’s has a number of different mind. These details can prolong a task, or foil an otherwise straightforward dealing. Like many proverbs which involve the devil, it is meant to sound a note of caution. It may also be used to excuse or explain the confused massage or information.

Looking out for the small details in life is generally a good practice, since it greatly reduces the risk of surprise. While some surprises are pleasant, those planned by the devil are generally not, so it pays to avoid embarrassing mistakes which are preventable by remembering that the devil's in the details. This behavior is also often rewarded by the world in general, as you will gain a reputation for being careful and thoughtful as well as difficult to fool.

“Understanding the value of your customers”

Understanding the customer is the key to providing them with good service and quality. To provide good customer service you have to deliver what was promised. But a great customer service is to know your customers well enough by understand and anticipate their needs.

Therefore, to understand your customers well, you should pay attention every time you connect with them. The potential rewards: you can increase customer loyalty and new business opportunities through positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

To understand your customers better is to put yourself in their place and try to look at your business from their perspective. In addition to collecting and analyzing data to provide information about buying behavior and so on is to ask for their views

"Put yourself in your customer's shoes"

Understand customer needs and wants need take a look at the point where your customers have a good relationship with you. This includes meetings and visits, telephone calls, correspondence and delivery.

The most common complaints that customer experienced are being kept waiting. If slow return calls or fulfill orders, then you are in danger of losing customers. Above all, customers want you to deliver what has been promised and exceeded expectations them. They will also tell their friends what a great service you have provided.

"Ask your customers what they think"

Customer surveys can tell things you may not know, including the behavior of employees and products sold. Not everyone complaint when they are unhappy. Instead, they tell their friends about their bad experience towards the services and product.

And ask for their feedback, in order to establish a customer relationship, this will help you stay in touch with customers. Strategies having good customer relationship will allow you to listen to the ideas and opinions of your customers and tell them more about what you can offer them.

"Build strong relationship with customer"

For the new or regular customer treat them like a friend, make them feel comfortable with you by talking the importance thing but sometime you may raise general talk or topic that make them feel close to you for example interest sharing like food or sport.

However perhaps don’t state any sensitive issues that can make your customer feel uncomfortable. From there it will lead you the strong relationship with your customer and they will put their trust and hope in you as reference at any location and occasion.

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