Friday, 5 June 2015

Title : Consumer behaviour before buying a car 

What is consumer behaviour?
It is the study of consumers and the processes they use to choose , use ( consume ) and dispose of products and services.
According to Hawkins and Mothersbaugh 2007 , it is “ All marketing decisions are based on assumptions and knowledge of consumer behaviour.
Key element before buying a car.
1.Information about a car
Before buying a car consumer may engage in research on the internet to determine the types of vehicles available in the market such as PERODUA, PROTON , AUDI , TOYOTA , HONDA , NISSAN and etc. After gather the entire information customer will decide their choices down to three cars based upon price , comfort and fuel efficiency . And also customers are keeping their car longer than they used to. So do a research on quality ratings and long term ownership experience.
2.Fuel Economy
People nowadays really want to maximize fuel economy.  However people don’t stop to consider the monetary value that is equated with each mile per litre. People tend to compare all branding car to each other in terms of fuel economy. It offers helpful information like we can budget on how much we spend on fuel only.
3.Price of the car
We surely have our own budget before buying a car. Like how much we need to pay for deposit and monthly commitment. Perhaps the lower the commitment is better as we might be spend on others thing. So basically for national car price is slightly lower than foreign car. This is due to foreign car are imposed to duty tax and import tax. So if you have tight budget and willing to spend only like RM 400- 500 monthly consumer can choose car price range on model like Perodua Axia , Myvi , Proton Saga , Persona . All national car basically price range starting around RM 30,000 to RM 50,000. But if consumer willing to spend around RM 600 and above their usually will go to foreign brand like TOYOTA, NISSAN , HONDA and etc. And monthly commitment is slightly higher than buying a local car. 
4.  Ownership cost
When buying a car , many consumers determine the value that a vehicle offers by comparing the price tag vs the features and benefits . For example if one car cost a bit more money but has better fuel consumption  and more cargo room most would consider that a good value. However  some customer don’t consider all the cost that into a vehicle. They might go to other reason like depreciation value , insurance , maintenance  , financing cost  and fuel consumption. 
Finally, buying a car is a big decision  and carries a lot of research and responsibility. If consumer do the research correctly they might save money and time. Insuring that you have all the information need is very important. Make sure if buying a car compulsory to follow all the legal procedures and do not buying from 3rd party that are not authorized. 

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Reference : -factor-to-consider-when-buying-a-new-car

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