Thursday, 4 June 2015

Noratiqah binti Md Noor - Consumer Behaviour towards Branded Products

Title: Consumer Behaviour towards Branded Products
Name: Noratiqah binti Md Noor
Matrix no: SX112430HFF04
Course: Consumer Behavior SHF2173

What is a consumer behaviour? Consumer behaviour is a process or thing done to make a purchase by the consumer. The behaviour of each user is different in terms of purchasing process. According to Bromley (1993) in Ataman and Ulengin, (2003) state that consumer behaviour are governed by various factors which include their needs and desires, their attitudes and expectations, their understanding of what is available, their financial resources and their decisions processes.
Branded products are often associated with luxury goods, items that offer a high price, high quality, durable and only affordable by those who can afford only. However branded products has become a major attraction for the selection or most users. They consider buying branded goods is one of satisfaction, affordable for everyone and no doubt for everyone to have it as a symbol of luxury and wealth of good taste. To add on this aspect, Chadha and Husband (2006) said that the democratization of luxury brands during 90s made the door of exclusivity open to ordinary people. And, luxury is everywhere today (Kapferer and Bastien, 2009). However, consumer behaviour is due to the effect of which is divided into two, internal and external influences which each user in terms of different.

Personal factor and psychological is internal influences on consumer product behaviour. According to Wiedmann and Hennigs (2007), this theory shows individual values and social related values that influence purchasing intentions toward global luxury brands. Buying to impress other is an internal personal value that drives a motive for luxury fashion brands consumptions. Product selection is based on a person's lifestyle. Those who are choose for branded products tend to be people who are concerned with image and style of its own. In terms of image and style it is to be symbolized oneself whether in terms of life, activities, work and thinking. Based on the selection of such products they think and feel more confident, adaptability and emotional stability. They are made up of different stage of ages however differ in thoughts and views. Normally, producers will have a target market the goods itself and may be owned by all ages. Selection of products by the user is not due to coercion and desperate. They choose the product is due to their own desires to buy and believe in the choices made are right and best for themselves. Uniqueness, quality, tasteful and symbol of prosperity that encourages and motivates consumers to buy a product branded. Although the price is much higher than the local product.
External influence is also divided into two, cultural factors and social factors. Influence own family is the most powerful influence in the selection of products. How our everyday life shows how a family guide us. For example of our parents traded branded product until we have own family. At the same time selection of our products and branded items. Adjustments in the selection of products that are used are also shown in the career of someone who has the status or rank. In our lives, there are three categories of social class lower class, middle class and upper class. Usually branded product is upper class and middle class selection whereas the lower values of their wishes and needs affordable.
This show is causing consumer behaviour is influenced by many internal and external factors. This indirectly influence the selection of everyday items. Therefore, users should be wise in choosing the items and should be compatible with the personal, psychological, cultural and social.

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