Monday, 15 June 2015

Motivation to buying a car

Muhammad Fazreen Bin Sanet

Nowday everyone have a  option to buy a dream cars. they have a strong financial or not is not impossible to own dream car. Supplied With Packages That Pulls Out of Financial Institutions Makes Interested Buyers.

In the Scope of Study That Has Made It includes aspects such as:

  • People who want to buy which car?
  • Is purchased?
  • Why choose this car ?
  • Is main factor / feature selection these car purchases

Factor that influence someone to buy a car :
  • Psychology
  •  Proton @ Produa provide more features in their model to attract the buyer to buy their product. Proton provide the buyer which like to use a sedan car.
  • Perodua provide a compact car and a nice design from Japan to attract their customer.

  •  Demografic
  • High-education study in the journal suggests that highly qualified buyers more cautious in choosing a car. They will make a review of the manufacturer which offers a cheaper price.
  • Gender-Studies have shown that men are more likely to choose a car based on the horsepower @ speed compared to women who are concerned with the external design of the car
  • High-income shoppers are more likely to train the desired selective addition of low-income buyer

  • Psycografic
  • Culture-for Indian buyers showed their people prefer to buy a car that can be use by many passengers.
  • Unlike the Malays, they will choose a more fuel-efficient cars, easy maintenance and low monthly payments.
  • Those who control the economy, they do not care about the price offered

  • The major that attributes of customer satisfaction can be summarized as :
  • Product quality
  •   Product packaging
  • Keeping delivery commitments
  • Price
  • Responsiveness and ability to resolve complaints and reject reports
  •  Overall communication, accessibility and attitudes
                 The conclusion
  • The analysis shows that most people when moving to upper segment will prefer a different car that make they satisfied.


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                Advertisement by largest car maker that attract buyer’s attention


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