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Izzat Zuhairi Bin Abd Hamid : Consumer Behavior In ChoosING Movie at Cinema


This article to research how the consumer behavior choose a movie at cinema. There are many factor, but this article will be focus at main factor. Base on, article by Dyna Herlina S. She state that 18 factor that make a consumer do decision making to choose a movie. Even got 18 factor , but the main factor got 5. One of factor is marketing communication, then neutral information source, film characteristic, content, and the lastly ease.

1.Marketing Communication
            In this situation, more to the producer promote their movie. There are two type. One of it is publicity, normally the actress gathering at cinema to attract the public and their target to their fans for watching their movie and support them. This always happen, when their film will be  showing a first showing at the screen cinema. In addition a factor, they will be use advertisement. Many place they can do advertisement, one of it is pay a television station to promote their film. Make the advertisement at social network also one of, how to attract the public. One of example they use, the advertisement at cinema before a movie start. When they saw that advertisement, the consumer take that advertisement keep in their mind. That term call a subliminal perception. When weak stimuli perceived without awareness.

2.Neutral Information
            Neutral information more to a film review or mouth to the mouth. Right now, with internet they can read a movie review Either they got a review from popular reviewer or their friend and public at social network or etc. Once they read, it will be interested them to try self, is it true what just they read review about that movie. Same goes,  when they heard review from their friends, witch is their friend already experience that movie.

3.Film Characteristic
            Film Characteristic is include the genre film, actress in movie, title movie, director make that film. Many big name director in Malaysia, like Mamat Khalid, Afdlin Shauki, Syamsul Yusuf and etc. Sometime they like movie base on the director. Film genre also one of reason they choose what film they like to watch. Maybe, they like action genre, romance genre, or horror genre and etc. It all depend the interested by someone. At the same time, because the title of film also make they decide to watching that film. Example at Malaysia , the romance genre film, mostly they take story board and the title from novel. So if they already read that novel, and the director make a film, they become more interested to see at the film. Beside that, because of actress also the point why they decide to watching that movie. When they fans one of actress so they decide, to support that actress at that movie.

            In this point, include story board and technology. Sometime the movie fully technology. Is called Computer Generated Image. This can make attract who like technology, they will watching movie like that. The famous movie fully CGI like Avatar, Transformers and etc. Beside that, they choosing because the story board. Mostly happen when that movie continue from before this. Like a movie Insurgent than they come out with Divergent. So they already know story before this, so they want know what happen in next part movie.

            In this point about screening schedule. Sometime they decide because schedule that movie. They decide because they free that time and decide what movie at that time. When a they came with family, so they will be choose a suitable the time. Maybe at the night after their kids school or weekend when kids off school day.

This is the point, how they decide how they choose a movie at the cinema. Either, they conscious or subconscious how they do a decision making about this.


Wrote by
Izzat Zuhairi Bin Abd Hamid

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