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In our contemporary society, a brand doesn’t only portray as a combination of names, design and symbol nonetheless brand describe the customer’s perception and impression about performance of the particular product as well. For a person who owns such branded product will reflect his status achievement, his lifestyle, his economic background and his personality. This describe brand have a value of high involvement towards individual image.

Nowadays, consumer easily attached to the specific brand. This prove by when they do purchasing, consumer being selective to choose their things such as private car, handbag, watch, cosmetic, those selection made based on branded thing that they have trust and looking for quality. Studies have shown that, consumer will determine instantly from among a number of selection that includes well-known brand and unfamiliar brand. This is due, a well-known brand have their own space in consumer mind and have excellently creating brand awareness of their product.

To identify and consider the connection between brand names influence on a consumer purchase decision, I decided to review theories and survey on factors of influence brand name to the consumer purchasing decision to buy their dream car. When a consumer intend to buy a car, they have plenty of brand names in their mind to choose from, however generally they will purchase a car with bent to the brand name and company reputation in marketplace due previous experience, trust and the power of word to mouth marketing tool.

There are six factors of influence brand name to the consumer purchasing decision in the automobile car industry. These factors are:-

1.      Brand loyalty
Mostly, consumer being loyal to specific branded car because the brand has satisfied consumer need and has obtained their trust in the brand name. Some consumer are even using same branded car for their generation as their well experience with the brand performance and expectation.

2.      Brand awareness
Generally, consumer will decide to purchase well-known branded car as their have knowledge and being brief inform related to the performance, quality and warranty of the branded car. Consumer will feel confidence and comfortable to make a decision towards buying a well-known brand instead of unknown brand.

3.      Brand Association in addition to perceived quality
In general, consumer consider that well-known branded car have high quality better than unknown brand. As brand awareness of the product successfully deliver to the consumer, this cause that brand get well placed in consumer perception and automatically manufacturer quality service being able to gain consumer trust.

4.      Self-esteem
Consumers determine to purchase certain branded product to enrich their self-esteem and bring positive feeling to the individual image.

5.      Price Strategy
Some consumers neglect the well-known brand and choose to the lower price brand due to the expenditure factor. Furthermore, car manufacturer should create a price strategy to be cost friendly to potential consumer which flexible for certain range.

6.      Social Class
Habitually, consumer purchase branded cars such as BMW and Mercedes presume that it does define their prestige level in the society. Every social class has different choices and preferences for different products and even they have different tastes and life style.

Most of the consumers decide to purchase cars due to the brand name, they know brand names wherewithal good quality and they choose the well-known brand cars with confidence. Customers have many selections in the automobile industry. So when customers intend to purchase a car, brand name influences the customer’s decision. Customers consider many things about the cars; one of the outstanding among them is the brand name. In this competitive market, brand name is an asset for a company and it can be used as an effective marketing tool. Every brand name has its own reputation in the customer’s mind.

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