Monday, 15 June 2015

Family Decision Making

Purchases made consumers very diverse and influenced by several things. Either internally or externally of the consumer itself. A family consisting of father, mother and child can affect the consumption of goods and services to be purchased. Each member of the family affect each other in making decisions to buy or consume a product. Each family member has a role in decision-making, and can have more of a role.

The role of family members in the decision are:

is a family member who has an idea or a notion to buy or consume a product or service. The initiator will provide an overview and product information to other family members to be considered and to facilitate decision-making. Generally, the initiator is the parent, but many are also found in the family that the child is also the initiator in the decision to purchase products and services.

Influencers is a family that is always consulted for goods and services to be purchased. While giving effect more often seen by children demanding or forcing parents to buy a product or service offered by his own brother. But also elderly parents can be an influence to respond to the ideas of members of his family.

Gate Keeper
A filter information in general is the role of parents who will sift through all the information and choose the best for his family. For example, a mother who does not tell the new toys to their children in order for her not to be consumptive. Or a father who did not tell his troubles to the family so that they are not depressed.

Usually a parent are decision maker in the family. Mom and Dad can have the same power to make decisions on consumption goods and services. But no doubt also sometimes just the mother or father who has a strong influence on decision-making. For example if a mother wants to buy goods priced and expensive to ask for permission to the husband. A mother can also be the ultimate decision makers in purchasing equipment or needs for children are still toddlers.
A family member who is assigned to buy a product call buyer. A mother tells her son to buy groceries to shop, or ordered aides to spend each day.


Every family member can be a user of the goods and services purchased. A product that may be consumed by a family member is rice, but there is a product that is only consumed by some family members only. For instance baby formula, diapers or baby food that is provided to family members of the young.

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