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How To Build Customer Trust ?

FOR promoting an online business or an online store is always said to be very difficult. Simply you just need a network to the Internet to sell and do not need to have a physical store. The trouble is how to build mutual trust with prospective buyers to your online store. The level of customer confidence is a very important factor in online business. Build the confidence of customers (customer trust) against an online business or an online store is a must and should be done by the owner of online store (e-commerce).

When someone decides to shop at your online store, perhaps the first question that arises in minds of potential customers is, "Is it safe my transactions? Am I not going to be fooled? Is the stuff I messages must be sent ", or also questions like “Is my goods in accordance with the message on the Web?". Fear customer online store is very reasonable, considering the transaction system different online stores to purchase directly at the store "physical". Plus now it is a lot of irresponsible people who abuse the popularity of buying and selling online to conduct online fraud. Therefore, it is very important for online store owners to ensure and provide security to potential consumers in making purchases online.

To foster customer trust, there are several ways you can do, both technical and non-technical. On this occasion, let us discuss some tips to build and enhance customer confidence to shop online.

  • Online Store Professional Display 
Web display your online store will greatly affect the level of consumer confidence, therefore, be serious in building your website online store. Use the professional design and not arbitrary. it is better to use a paid domain such as .com, .co, .my of the sub-domain such as free. Nowadays there are so many platforms online stores and mobile apps to choose from, such as, Duriana, Carousell, or you can create your own or use the services of online store. Note also that the information displayed on the website is always up to date, and to avoid spelling errors and coding errors.

  • Presenting the right information related to the goods / services offered
For those of you who run online stores, it is very important to present a true and fair information related to the goods / services that you sell. Be honest to your customers about the products you offer. Make sure your customers get the information items that actually fit with the details of the goods you are selling, as well as if you offer services. Serve original photo also goods that you sell, do not present the results of googling product images. Many customers are ultimately disappointed that the goods they ordered does not fit with the image on the web, or specifications are not the same.

  • View Contact Numbers and How to contact you
Show how you contact customers, post contact numbers and line of communication in the online store. It's important to include some communication media such as phone numbers / SMS, WhatsApp, etc. This is so that customers can easily contact you. Make sure you respond to questions and / or orders quickly (fast respond), do not let your customers wait for a reply that are too long because this would cast doubt on the customers.

  • Attach customer testimonials/ review
You can attach customer testimonials, and also proof of sale / delivery of you already do. Positive testimonials from your existing customers are very helpful to foster trust prospective new customers. This must be considered in showing testimonials, make sure you display the original testimonials from customers, not fake or create your own.

  • Choice of payment method
To increase customer confidence, offer some choice of payment method possible. Some prospective customers you could have still doubts about your online store, for it to offer the choice of payment method provide a sense of security for customers, like by accepting COD (Cash on delivery), to meet the agreed place directly or by using the services of a joint account.

  • Policy exchange of goods & Warranty
As mentioned earlier, one of the fears of online shoppers is "what if the goods delivered are not made to order". Consumers need a guarantee that the goods will receive accordance with the order. Therefore the exchange of goods and warranty policy becomes very important and will make you more confident prospective customers to buy your product. In buying and selling online, there are times when the goods are delivered damaged or defective either because the seller mistakes (not to be checked in advance) or an error during transmission. Of course, as a seller you should be ready with these risks and are willing to replace it.

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By :Siti Azizah Rahamat SX122796HAFF04



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