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MOHAMAD DANIAL SOBA BIN MOHD SOBA (Advertising Symbiosis: The Key to Viral Videos)

Title : Consumer Behavior (advertising Symbiosis :The Key to Viral Videos
Name: Mohamad Danial Soba Bin Mohd Soba
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Advertising Symbiosis: The Key to Viral Videos

Have you ever wonder how an advertisement for bottled water become one of the most-watched videos on par with artistes’ music video? By creating a viral online advertisement can be one of the key to creating mega hit marketing through “advertising symbiosis”.

Several adults dancing with toddler versions of themselves in the reflection of a store window featured in Evian’s baby&me advertisement. We can only see a bottle of Evian only at the end of the video along with the slogan “Live Young”. 53 million views have been reached since the video first release in April. In the other part of the world, Nestle’s self-explanatory “From Maine Water Springs to You: The Journey of Poland Springs Water” has barely reached 500 views. The question: Why did Evian’s commercial has more views than the other one?

Thales S. Teixeira has the answer. His new research explains the necessary input to create online advertisement so compelling that viewers will share with their peers and family, not only for them to view. The research shows that by sharing the video will help and promote the advertiser as it goes viral.
"People no longer want a lot of information about the products or brands in the advertisements they watch," quoted Teixeira, an assistant professor at Harvard Business School who has figured out the factors that make online ads profitable. "In the past the advertisement would include all the information about the product. But now we have all the information online. Now, we want ads to entertain us." Four steps that are vital to make a successful viral advertising are attracting viewers' attention, retaining that attention, getting viewers to share the ad with others, and persuading viewers.
In his research, Teixeira offers four concepts to make an ad becomes viral through advertising symbiosis:
  • CONCEPT: Make the viewer the center of attention.

Old Spice's Twitter campaign. In 2010, Procter & Gamble launched a campaign where Facebook and Twitter users were encouraged to send messages to Isaiah Mustafa, the Old Spice’s spokesman who markets the idea that if men can't look like him, they can at least smell like him. 185 short videos showing Mustafa responded personally to the individual Twitter users have been uploaded by their advertising agency. The responded videos then became viral as they supposedly shared with their social networks which made each video received millions views each.

  • CONCEPT: Offer the viewer privileged access to valuable content.

EXAMPLE: Virgin Atlantic's sneak peek. In 2010, an email message with the new airline’s new advertisement has been sent to members of Virgin Atlantic's frequent-flyer program. The airline was giving them a privilege as the ad will on come live on TV on the following week and the privilege of being among the first to share it.

  • CONCEPT: Give the viewer the opportunity to communicate his or her values to others.

EXAMPLE: Dove's message about self-image. Unilever's Dove brand uploaded "Dove Real Beauty Sketches," a short video showing an artist sketches several women twice, first based solely on their own descriptions of themselves and then based on descriptions from strangers. The women are hidden from the artist’s sight. It results by comparison that the sketches based on strangers’ descriptions are more attractive than the sketches based on the women’s description of themselves. The video is ended with the powerful tagline, accompanying a Dove logo: You are more beautiful than you think. 

  • CONCEPT: Let viewers show off their ability to find strange hidden gems.

EXAMPLE: Blendtec's wacky blender videos. In 2006, Blendtec CEO Tom Dickson launched a series of infomercials where he try to blend few items using company's main product Total Blender and answers the question, "Will it blend?" Items he has blended in the series include an iPhone, an iPad, a can of Easy Cheese, and a vuvuzela. Unlike many viral ads, this one features the product and its functions. Usually that's a turnoff, Teixeira says, but these videos are too fun and unconventional not to share.

The final step of successful virality, to persuade the consumers, the advertisers have to crack their heads to entertain the viewers without losing a connection to the brand. “Viewers will lose interest if the advertisers showcase more about brand, but if it is not enough they will clueless what the video is advertising. The solution, show the product repeatedly but not too intrusive throughout the video”, advised Teixeira

"When entertainment creates an emotional connection, it leaves a lasting effect on our minds," Teixeira says.

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