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Consumer Motivation : Maslow Hierarchy of Need

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What is Motivation?

If there is big shark try to catch you , then there is no better motivation for you which make to keep on pedal to escape from the shark. It means something like incentives that drive us move quickly to get something. Everyone have different  reason that make them work hard to achieve their target.

Who Abraham Maslow?

He is an American physiology who's really eager to know how psychology effect to human motivation. He is a happy go lucky people that see the positive side of humanity and believe human will react based on their free will. He develop Maslow Hierarchy of Need that indirectly show human behaviour depend on what make them happy.

What Maslow Hierarchy of Need?

Maslow develop a pyramid that describe the stage of consumer need. In order for us to step on next level , we need to achieve the need of lower level. For example we need to satisfy psychological need before  safety need.

The first level is psychological and biological needs which is basic need in our life. People who try to satisfy this need maybe don't have so much money so this needs are their priority. they will try to find the low cost product or services to ensure they can survive. At this level their main focus are to get shelter , food , water , child and to be healthy.

Second level of need is safety. This type of consumers are more concern to law, protection and security. They are going to buy alarm for house , ensure their house area are safe or have security system , and some of them will learn self defence for themselves and family. At this stage some consumer will start to buy insurance either for them, family or property.

The third level in this hierarchy is belongings and love needs. Everyone has the feeling to be part of something and try to avoid being stranger to anybody. People will try to develop their own family by looking for partner , marriage and have kids. This affection does not mean love and romance only, it also mean they want to built a team either in work or during social time. This type of consumer will but goods or services that can make them interact or update with other people such as perfume , make up, interact in social media and magazines. Consumer will ensure they can connected with other people in any way that can make them feel a part of others.

At forth stage , consumer already start to focus on their own esteem need. They will try get as many achievement to make other recognize and appraise them. Consumer will start to buy and expensive item , anti ageing products and also invest more but not because of they want to be part of a team. They more concern on how to make others see them as the best among others and make them confidence with themselves.

The final stage is personal growth and fulfilment , at this level consumer more prefer to built self-actualization. Not many people can achieve this stage  , some of people manage to come up to this stage normally happy with their life. Their main focus are to enjoy their moment by going holiday , travel or might continue study to growth their education.

How Maslow Hierarchy of Need benefit marketers and manufacturer?

It is important to understand this hierarchy and know which stage of consumer are your target market. Create and promote product or service that consumer want and most important is fulfil their need. My own opinion , if we target by their need are more easier since it make them more happy. If consumer happy , chances for post purchase are higher.

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