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Gadgets : The Effects/Impacts on Children (MOHD HAFIZ BIN MOHD ZUBIR)

Name: Mohd Hafiz Bin Mohd Zubir
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Gadgets : The Effects/Impacts on Children

Days passes and we are now already in 2015, the 15th year of 21st century. Time sure does fly fast, but technologies are faster. We can see new gadgets and electronic products being produces, with ‘New Release’ comes out now and then. For example, it hasn’t been long since Samsung released their latest smart-phone model and soon enough, they already announcing the launching of another new model on early April.

Smart-phones and tablets are so common nowadays that even a primary school student own a personal smart-phone or tablet. Some parents even feels proud and think that their children is doing well when they know how to use gadgets on early age, without realizing that it is not something to be proud of, but something they need to worry instead. They keep letting the children, even the baby, use it uncontrollably, without being aware of the aftermath.

Speaking of the after-effect, there are good and bad effects of letting the children use any gadget, but obviously, the later win the game. The most common one is distraction and addiction. And next is of course, the effect on the growing child eye-sight.

Most parent use gadgets like tablet and smartphone as a method to calm their kids that being grumpy or to distract them, usually the one that is below seven years old, from disturbing them doing whatever they are doing – paperwork, cooking, house chore, or just simply resting. Yes, it works. But, while it helps to distract your children temporarily while you need to finish your work, later it will swiftly ‘helps’ to distract them from more important things like meals, revisions, play times with friends, and even worst, quality time with family.

Getting too used with the existence of the gadgets, children will start to get addicted to it, up to the stage where stay start to throw tantrums when they didn’t get to play with the gadget. Gadgets, which were at first being an option to calm children’s tantrum, had now become a cause for it to happen.

I think, generally, everyone knows how bad is the effect of the ray coming from electronic screens. It is bad to our eyes, an adult eyes, what’s more a little kid eyes – which are still developing. Plenty gadgets got applications for toddlers nowadays, which is said to help them learn. Kids would love to spend no matter how long it takes to stare at the screens watching all the pretty, colorful graphics provided by the gadget. 

Too attached with gadgets also makes the children unsociable. They spend all times they have with their gadgets, and don’t care about making friends.Just remember how fun our childhood was with all the outdoor games, together with friends and family. It’s kind of a pity that nowadays kids didn’t experience that.

These are only few obvious effects that might happen to your children if they are exposed to gadgets. Even though gadgets are like a must these days, but that is not the case for our still-growing-up children. We can let them enjoy the gadgets, but let’s do it moderately. Uncontrollable exposure might cost our kids future.


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