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CUSTOMER BEHAVIOR: Famous and hot spots place among Malaysian


Title               : Famous and hot spots place among Malaysian
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Famous and hot spots place among Malaysian

Malaysian foods are diverse, supplemented with food from foreign countries such as ASEAN, India, Thailand and many more that make the selection more variety.

Generally, we don’t have to travel faraway to get food that we like to eat. All of these delicious foods are available in Malaysia for us to choose either cheap or expensive ones. The choice is in our hand to decide. 

Now days, Mamak restaurant is a famous dining place and become a permanent fixture for Malaysians. We can see lots of Mamak restaurant all over Malaysia especially in urban areas. No matter who are you, we are sitting for hours while talking, gossiping with friends or watching football in Mamak restaurant.

Factor influencing

Mamak restaurant is one of the most popular ethnic based restaurants in Malaysia. This is due to:

1.     The flexible business hours
2.      Variable items
3.      Location
4.      Socializing
5.      Service
6.      Pricing
7.      Wifi

Consumer choose Mamak restaurant because of the above factors and it becomes favorite restaurant to everyone with different social group, age and background. 

The first factor is the flexible business hours. A business hour is very important to attract customer now days. As we know, most of the Mamak restaurants operate for 24 hours and it is convenient to everyone to dine in at any hour. 

The other factor is the variable items or foods at Mamak restaurant. Previously Mamak restaurant only sell Indian food likes roti canai, capati, mee goreng mamak, rojak, rice with curry, teh tarik and few others dishes, however recently Mamak restaurant offers additional menu such as Malay, Thai and western cuisine. With variety types of food, we have so many choices of foods to eat when we visits Mamak restaurant with our family members or friends since not all of us like to eat Mamak food.

Strategic location is also another factor because most of the restaurant is nearby residential, campus and office area. This is very convenient to consumers as it will cut cost and time consuming.

Socializing becomes customers’ priority which influence Malaysian to dine at Mamak restaurant. The long operation hours is the reason most people like to dine and hang out with family and friends. During the football fever, Mamak restaurant is one of the favorite place to watch football match. They provide big screen projector to attract football lover.

The quick service is another factor Malaysian loves Mamak restaurant. With the fast and quality services provided by Mamak Restaurant, it can be a favorite place to dine in for family members in Malaysia.

The reasonable and affordable price compared to other restaurant is another the reason people like to dine and hang out at Mamak restaurant.

Last but not least, Wifi service is anothr factor that influence Malaysian to hang out and dine at Mamak restaurant. With free WIFI, consumers can surf internet without boundaries and they can sit there for hours.

Even though Mamak restaurant becomes a famous dine and hang out place to Malaysian people, other aspect need to be improve. The cleanliness of the restaurant and toilet, tidy uniform with cap and shoes, will bring positive image to Mamak restaurant.

With a new improvement and quality of Mamak restaurant, it can be a popular dine and hang out place not for Malaysian people but also for tourist.




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