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Electronic trading has become one of the important features of this modern era of internet. Online shopping  has become the most popular Internet activities, immediately after using the e-mail / instant messaging and web browsing. Many of the teenagers at the time of state of the art has chosen to purchase goods online. Online shopping behavior (also called shopping habits online and Internet / buying behavior) refers to the process of purchasing products or services through the Internet. They then evaluate alternatives and choose the one that best fits their criteria to meet the needs felt. Finally, the transaction is executed and after-sales service provided. Shopping online also refers to the attitude expressed in terms of the psychology of making purchases on the Internet.

Online Shopping Decision  Making
Online Shopping include information to make decisions, comparison, and make a choice. The decision containing these factors directly affect consumer buying habits. In addition, there appears to be an effect on user satisfaction. Therefore potential users appear to use a two-stage process in making purchasing decisions widespread. Therefore, they then evaluate more in-depth, and comparison relatively wide product by some the properties desired to make a purchase decision.

Consumer Motivation to Buying Online

  1. Product Motivation
The lack of availability product also drive consumers to go online shopping for products such as gaget, books and air tickets consumer are more likely online shopping without any fear and concern about the need to fall, try smell, or touch products. Level adjustments are also offered to customers with great prices and discounts are not possible in the normal purchasing process. Internet provides a platform to see detailed information on the products with competitive prices from international locations. Thereby assisting the user in learning about the latest trends. Users can also interact with consumer groups and find out about the latest trends and fashions.

  1. Service excellence motivation
Service excellence is a factor that encourages consumers to go for online shopping. These are factors that attract customers and every day to improve as the number of customers increased in services. This may be the promises in terms of pricing, timely delivery of products in good condition. Cash on delivery, reliability factors such as transportation costs are clearly defined, clearly stated product charges

  1. Demographic motivation
One of the factors that encourage customers to go for online shopping. Research has shown that different demographic factors such as age, income, and education that makes customers inclined towards online shopping. Young professionals with high income group is directly related to purchase online

  1. Social Motivation
From research we know that online shoppers are more influenced by their social environment. Purchasing decisions are mostly influenced by the people who live around the buyer as social support environment, norms visits, family and friends. Humans obtained new behaviors by observing others.

  1. Situational motivation
Consumer with busy time schedule is more likely to buy online because it saves time. Factor of the situation such as time pressure, the geographical distance, lack of mobility, attractiveness of alternatives and the need for special items positively influence consumer online shopping. The move also can shop online. Furthermore, there is no need to travel long distances to shop. The need for special items that are generally not available in the local market is also encouraging users to buy online
Advantages Online Shopping
  • Easy and cheap
  • Guaranteed quality of goods.
  • No need face to face between buyer and seller
  • Online shopping save Time
  • Stocks of goods and have many options
  • Need not worry about transportation issues

Disadvantages Online Shopping
  • Easily deceived by a seller who is not heartless
  • Possibility of goods ordered until after the date promised.
  • No purchase agreement for Muslims
  • Requires the internet to buy goods online.

Able to enhances the knowledge of consumers to online shopping and understand their buying habits to the product. This in turn will provide users with significant potential for optimizing their online buying habits, which will make a significant discovery and will affect consumers. Motivational factor towards shopping online also affects users to more likely in an online transaction.


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