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Advertising is one way to promote goods and services to consumer. It is delivered through physical media , electronic media and other media . The advertisement should stimuli clear message that will generate income for company. A knowledge of consumer behaviour can be important competitive advantage to survive in competitive environment.

Nowadays virtual advertisement are the best medium to interact with customer. However an analysis make by social media agency has identified that advertisement is most likely to annoy consumer. Television ads caused the greatest number of negative comment followed by music streaming or you tube.

Based on WFA (World Federation of advertiser) new research , most twitter user expressed a generic dislike towards advertisement and commercial advertisement. Consumer claim online targeting that's meant to be clever, but is actually annoying because the ads are inappropriate to content alongside which they feature. Other than that consumers are clumsily targeted without heed for personal circumstances and sensitivities. Besides, there are numerous cases consumer targeted by certain brand even though they had already expressed negative sentiments about the brand in online survey.
Research also show there is dearth in quality because too many ads are poor and end up annoying consumers. Brand need to prioritise quality over quantity and marketers should work harder to test whether the ads are engaging and add value before they expose them to consumer.
Consumer also feel most brands are choosing the wrong moment and the wrong audience for their message. It might be the right time but wrong audience or wrong time with right audience. Consumer demand the truth about the product . The brand will gain credibility if they are honest since it is not difficult for consumer to search the info thru online.
Consumer also recognise that ads help pay for content , but they expect marketers to make an effort to make their marketing less irritating. The tweets analysed showed that interruption are the most annoying during high intensity content such as action and drama show or live sporting events.
WFA confirmed that this analysis are not effecting sales since positive feedback still more than negative. However manufacturer , owner and marketers should take this seriously to avoid it affecting consumer buying decision which could reduce profit of the company. df

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