Friday, 5 June 2015

Consumer Behavior

Car Purchasing Factors.
Before you Purchase a Car, Think & Consider about it.

As we are known very well, purchasing a car in a market might be influencing the others factors towards consumer behavior. The words of  what is the product, Why we purchase that product, Where to buy, How the car condition, How much the cost, are should be considering.

It is important to marketer to understand how users react to various marketing efforts. Marketers must understand the stimulus and response model buyer behavior. 

The automotive industry is a business challenge with many new models released every month by the vehicle manufacturers in the world. The situation that we concern as a result of various models are on the market, but it can also give a negative perception to buyers, especially when the new vehicle does not give more value to money.

Before making a decision on buying a vehicle, the buyer should get full information about the vehicles. This time, I would like to touch on the topic concerned the purchase of a car or vehicle. When we go to work, we're going to find many people who use cars as their transport.
Why do we need to buy a car? Basically, there are various answers can be given. 

I want that car!
The first is wants. From that desire, this is what prompted you to buy a car. The vehicles to be purchased will certainly meet the vehicle uses and now there are various model consists of a sedan, sport, hatchback, compact multi-purpose vehicles (MPV), sport utility vehicles (SUVS) or pickup truck.

I need them! 
The second factor is needs. In this factor, we see before in terms of use. For example, you need a car for travel to work, go on vacation and doing social activities like playing badminton and visit his siblings and relatives.

Can I have it? 
Third, affordability is the main factors taken into consideration when want to buy vehicles. This is the important factor. Everybody have their own desire car but not everyone afford to have it. It is actually depend on their income add expenses that they have to spend off. By using a motorcycle or public transport. That is one of their alternative to cut off the travelling costing. It is been good enough. Then, calculate your income and expenses in a month.
The main factors to be consider including monthly payments, maintenance costs, insurance, road tax, and fuel costs or redemption value. Most of the people of this country spend 30 percent of his salary to pay monthly installment of the vehicle.
The solution is easy, potential buyers need to list the price of the vehicle in accordance with their abilities. Cheapest vehicles in the country costing about RM25, 000, while the most expensive as high as 1.5 million per unit.

I looked cool when I use this brand!
Brand plays an important role when buyers want to buy a car. It is because every single model of the car have their unique and design . It has also influencing user to make decision to have nice model design of car. The reviewer stated that the brand offers quality products for sure to get an attraction. The name of that brand will affect the behavior of consumers towards car purchases. About this selection, it is according to their respective tastes. You choose your own lifestyle!

A Technology and Safety?
The most of the manufacturer always introduce some new technology within a few years in products such as design, performance and safety features. Some things about the vehicle should be known.
In terms of security, the latest vehicle requires a minimum air bag and anti-lock braking system (ABS). The vehicle is equipped with technology such as vehicle stability help (VSA) or ' traction control and side air bag is a bonus.

Redemption Value?
The most of the buyers are worried about the redemption value except those who want to use the car for long-term usage. The factors such as brand, popularity, and after sales service is able to maintain the price of redemption is higher and can reduce losses.

Last but not least, the best thing is to test drive the car is required before making a decision to buy a car. Factors such as driving satisfaction, control, comfort and quality of a car. The most of the models offer the same width and price, but it can only be ascertained after doing a test drive. Kindly visit to a several car exhibition centers to allow the buyer to evaluate your own car that you're interested in. You are able to change it!

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