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Nik Fatin binti Ahmad: Decision makers on choosing type of cake for wedding ceremony.

Decision makers on choosing type of cake for wedding ceremony.

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Cake or dessert is important to decorate the ceremony , whether to pass or wedding cake , it should look beautiful and delicious ! Add fresh flowers for a romantic style or choose bright colors for which you want to appear bold and chic. Want to know the best selection of cakes for weddings , we have tips .

Selection of a wedding cake for the cake-cutting is essential . Hard cake can spoil the mood of the bride and family. Its hard want to cut the cake , because thick fondant going to out . cut the cake if the contents are scattered pieces of dust . Spoil ! So do not receive free cake from the catering if you do not want your cake cutting ceremony to be bridezilla .

So I wanted list- it kind of cake that may be appropriate for the occasiontopic . He got off to weddings, birthday parties to the council ‘akikah’ to take the cake from the cake maker who can be trusted. Try sample first.

Note : Wedding cake more expensive than a birthday cake and birthday cakes more expensive than a regular cake . For what ? As the name implies wedding cake .So do not be surprised if your cake is worth more than 200-300 . So if you are a creative , make their own cakes and deco own . Or just buy the existing cake recipe secret as possible ? Or if there are friends and relatives who know how to make a cake they can wage it .

Decision makers profile for wedding cake

Design Cake for wedding, engagement or birthday will reflect the overall style of your event in general. From cake decorating, many will probably know the concept of what you actually deserve.

The selection is good and in line with the concept of the event is the result of planning and a good idea and detail. The selection can be made from several types of coating or cake and frosting them fondant, buttercream or chocolate.

Design can be chosen according to your own tastes, whether looking for a modern design concept, classic, modern classic and so on.

Sometimes complicate the selection of wedding cake and some are saying is simple. Everything depends on our own to choose which one of the loveliest to be served to guests and also for ourselves as King Day.

Most wedding cakes we have ever seen there was a wide range of decor, style, color and variety of terrain. Of all the pretty sheer.

Consumer motivation and Push-pull Factors

 • The size of the cake - the cake size selection depending on how many guests to be entertained. It also depends on how many of the family of the bride both sides, relatives and others. A large cake suitable for guests who crowded but the use of cupcakes ( cupcakes ) is easier and efficiently.

Design - Various types and designs can be made depending on the type of cake. Fondant cake usually easier to design compared with buttercream cake. You can refer to magazines or websites for the latest design and popular cake. You can also discuss with the cake maker to design your own choice. Definitely a tough design make the cake price is a bit high.

Color - Normally cake Experts will recommend the appropriate color for your cake will depend on the color theme and concept of a function you want. But you can also select your own favoritecolor. Matter of concern to determine the color of the cake is the theme color, the color of the shirt, the color of the tablecloth cake and a few other things. This is to ensure that the color does not sink cake with color environment there. But white or pastel suitable for most occasions because although the color quite sunk but it appeared the characteristics of luxury.

Taste and texture of the cake - Of course you crave a delicious cake to eat. Sponge cake, chocolate cake ' moist ' or fruit cake is a popular type of cake for the wedding. This is because the texture is suitable for decoration. Examples cake fondant cake texture requires compressed and dense as chocolate ' moist ' or to support the weight of the fruit cake fondant itself. Use of the continental cakes, chesse cake, ice cream cake is discouraged for fear of melting caused by ambient temperature.

Ising type - There are various types such as icing buttercream, steam buttercream, fondant, royal icing and others. Fondant, or royal icing type is more popular although more expensive than buttercream buttercream or steam. This is because the more elegant and fondant cake can be altered to suit the customer.

Budget - Budget plays an important role in the selection of cakes. Definitely a big cake and a tough design is a higher price. Fondant cake is a great choice for those looking for a luxurious and refined varieties because of the price that could reach into the thousands of dollars . While buttercream cake is a cake that is suitable for those who are low- budget features. So talk to your partner before issuing a budget for your wedding cake. The high price is certainly better quality and give more satisfaction.


There needs to be a bit of knowledge in the field of election cake for relying less on consultant 100%. The right choice will simplify the next steps.

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