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Name:- Noor Hafizah Binti Ismail
Matrix No:- SX100062HFJ04

The Consumer Behavior on Selecting Coffee Shop

                Drinking coffee is a Malaysian favorite since length of centuries. Even though the coffee culture often identified with the Italian but it is originated coffee plant from the Ethiopia. The Italian has created the coffee beans culture all around the world such as espresso, cappuccino, caffe latte and macchiato. It is the Italian language used in the coffee vocabulary. The culture of coffee beans itself has been spread in Malaysian. However the normal coffee still become one of the Malaysian favorite. As we can see, there are many off coffee shops in Malaysia. For example, there are franchise coffee shops from the famous one around the globe such as Starbucks, San Francisco Coffee or The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Nevertheless, there are some from the local coffee shops such as Old Town White Coffee or we prefer to call it as Kopitiam. Where there are favorable place for local to spend most of their time for just to drink a coffee. KL's coffee culture is an expanding landscape of imported beans, state-of-the-art machines, hip baristas, and silky smooth pours.
                Frequently we were seeing young generation, who still practice the culture to spend their time for hangout in the coffee shops and it has been a Malaysian lifestyle for a decade. Some of them still preferred the normal coffee instead of the coffee beans. However, the coffee beans have their own enthusiasts. For the young generation it was present the status or lifestyle to hang out at famous coffee shops such as Starbucks etc. With the coffee beans price offer, it shows that not everybody afford to hang out at the kind of place. Therefore, for some people it was represent a lifestyle or status. Nevertheless, for those who still love the normal coffee with lowest price offered they still have their choice of place to go such as Kopitiam. Compared to the local coffee shops such as Kopitiam, international coffee brand usually provide the high quality of coffee bean and giving consumers having a choice to choose many different types of coffee beans.
                The coffeehouse normally offer a comfortable place to drink, relax and peaceful for those who wants to spend time at that place while enjoying coffee. Nowadays, as the coffee culture is also booming in KL’s and it can easy once found, from the class of premium local cafe to the foreign franchise stall in the corner of an office building. After a hectic work people loved to drink coffee and just relax at the coffee shops with family and friend. After all, the comfortable environment gives a little peaceful for cities busy working lifestyle. Not to forget, it is also a good place to discuss a business.  Besides of that, Coffee shops using the lightening and dark color wall, it will give the consumers having fully attention and enjoyable. In the other reason of environment will be the people, in normal coffee shop might usually be able to see those consumers are making much noise on talking. As the result, the environment factor’s most influence consumer to go for a coffeehouse instead of the local one. Therefore, a coffeehouse make an improvement in their services, provided WiFi, songs and free sky juice for customers makes them become more favorable place to go.
                Branding also plays a role in which customers rather spend their money on buying a coffee bean instead of normal coffee. Consumers are willing to pay for a branded coffee more than a normal coffee shop, but the importance is why coffee bean can make the consumers satisfy on their coffee and how they achieve. A very simply answer will be the coffee bean company knows the consumer behavior for their customers as well as the consumers’ needs and wants. Nowadays the consumers will more prefer to enjoy their purchasing or it can say they know how to be a smart consumer.
                Finally yet importantly, a person interest is different from one another. Some might choose the international brand of coffee and some might still enjoy a local taste of coffee. There are not right or wrong in every person interest, whether or not to choose between international brand of coffee and local taste. As for coffee lover, they have their own reason to choose between coffee bean and normal coffee. Moreover, for some people they might enjoy both, which is coffee bean and normal coffee as long as it is caffeine.

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