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Title              : Impact of Colour Psychology on Consumer Behaviour
Name            : Dila Jamalia binti Jaafar
Matrix No    : SX140204HAFS04


What colour is your shirt today? From the colour of your shirt, I can roughly explain your daily energy. Each colour has their own energy which in marketing field, it can be used as a powerful psychological tool!

Colour psychology is a sub-field of industrial psychology that studies effect of colour on our psychology. It became the reason why it is an influential factor in buying pattern since colour can changes our emotion spontaneously. It is also one of the strongest motivator in product selection.

Before we go further, here some quick trivia!

#1 When new product available in market, shopper use their 5 sense in making decision, and it show visual appearance conquer 93% of the factor!

#2 85% of shopper put colour as major factor in buying a particular product

#3 Colour increase brand recognition by 80! At the same time, brand recognition also may lead to consumer confidence to shop.


The famous Mc Donalds and its bright yellow colour are no longer can be separated! Yellow is a cheerful colour that’s usually associated with happiness. It’s also can be used together with darker hue in contrast (example blue or purple) to grab attention.

(Photo from https://instagram.com/mcdonaldsmalaysia)

Clean, calm & professional are all emit by colour of blue. With that, it makes it suitable for technology and health-related brands. For example, Clear shampoo uses blue as their background in every bottle. The colour really goes well with the theme of Clear that emphasizes health.

Besides, since it can creates trust & security sensation, it oftenly seen in business related websites (banks/ insurance agency) too.

Emotionally, red express love, passion and anger. But physically, red do increases blood pressure, heart rate and stimulates appetite too! Thus red widely used in market to grab attention and makes targeted audience energetic, attract people and create urgency.

For your information, this “Why Pay More?” store is located at 3rd floor of Mid Valley Megamall. The logistic of this store is very far separated with other store but with big “LOW PRICE” sign at their shop entrance, even I also was attracted to come closer to look at deals that they offer. (And I end up buy a pair of swimsuit for my niece…oops )

In luxury product market, black colour is normally used due to its ability to express sophisticated emotion.

For example from what I can find in Mid Valley Megamall past few days, M.A.C. Cosmetics  Malaysia choose to have black as their corporate colour. With it, consumers feel more powerful and trust with particular product compared to other brand with blue or green container.

The colour green symbolizes nature and calmness. Garnier pick green as a part of their logo to send message to targeted audience that they uses organic ingredients such as aloe vera, lemon, black charcoal and pomegranates.

Addition: In Malaysia, green also usually be linked with something spiritual or Islamic.

(Photo from https://instagram.com/garniermalaysia)

Orange is a happy colour. It is also a cheerful and friendly  that make Famous Amos decide to choose orange as their corporate colour recently. I think it is a great decision and fix their new business vision very well.

Additional: in my opinion, orange also can be used to create attention on any call to action such as “subscribe” or “buy now” button in virtual market (online).

A magical colour! Purple, which express creative and artistic had been Cadbury’s corporate colour since 1905. Recently, they come up with new innovation called Marvelous Creation. I personally like how purple spontaneously makes me feel curious and force me to buy a packet.

Anyway I would like to share something to anyone who read this. I am not a chocolate lover but Cadbury Marvelous Creations are surprisingly damn good! Like seriously no kidding!

(Photo from https://marvellouscreations.asia/my/en)

With simplicity & purify effect, plain white colour often be used in numerous association from jewelries, brides, hospitals et cetera.

In the photo on the left, white colour are selected to fill the entire Swarovski showroom including their display base. The plain white colour is so powerful to make consumer feel calm & purify. White showroom also give impact to visualize Swarovski’s identity as a premium jewelry brand.

Refference: Designing for Emotion by Aaron Walter, New York, 2011.
Note: All illustrations & photos are originally by me, unless stated. 

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